Instagram star Teddy Moutinho Nude leaked the fappening

Instagram star Teddy Moutinho Nude leaked the fappening. A model who regularly posts saucy snaps on social media has revealed that her parents are not only supportive of her career, but they also help out by taking the photos.

Teddy Moutinho, 21, lives in Florida, US, and has almost 4M followers on Instagram, where she shares tidbits of her life, as well as photos that show off her boobs and bum.


But if you thought it was an eager boyfriend or loyal friend behind the camera, think again.. it’s actually her parents, Reggie and Mau, both 39.

And her parents are dedicated to getting a good shot, often spending hours trying out various angles.

Teddy started her career as an influencer back when she was a teenager but because she was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is not currently allowed to have a job in the US, so makes no money from her Instagram.

Brazilian model Teddy Moutinho naked leaked sex tape

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